Sequences: AI-Assistance for Sales Follow Up. Create & Share with your Sales Team.

68% of a sales person's day is spent in administration. Automate your sales follow-ups - in a personalized manner - to stay connected to your Deals without the administrative hassle. And yes, you can share your Sequences with your team.

If you want to give someone the opportunity to get back to you, without you giving chase, the Sequence tool on Hubspot Sales Starter is really helpful.
Most of the time you send an email, and too often the person you need to speak with gets too busy to respond. In fact, you might be too busy to follow up!
The Sequence tool helps you both connect, by giving touchpoints for both of you, in the form of emails sent automatically, or tasks automatically created for you.

FAQs on Sequences:

1) Won't an automated Sequence come across as impersonal and spammy? Don't let it be! You can personalize each email in the Sequence before you send it to each person. Hubspot even gives you tips to "better personalize" your content to make sure that you are doing your best to not come across as generic in your email messages.
Spending the time getting it ready for each person will still help your future self not forget any steps and to treat each prospect or customer consistently depending on where they are on their buyers journey. For example, if oftentimes people always want a case study or a particular question answered, you'll make sure you share the information at the right time and come across as super organized.
Plus it will automate the tasks that you need to do to take care of a customer or prospect. 
Just remember, if a person responds to your Email 1, all that personalization you customized from the Sequence in Email 2 might be lost.  Remember, right now in Hubspot, the whole point of  Sequence is to connect with your prospect.

2)  Can I transfer ownership of my Sequences or set Sequences up for somebody else?   

Whoever has a paid Hubspot Sales seat can see and use the Sequences created. Tangible Words, for example, can make Conversation Templates and Sequences for your entire team to use.
Let Tangible Words know who on your team needs the Sales Pro seats and we'll get them assigned for you. 
If you would like your content on a Sequence assessed by Tangible Words, grab the Hubspot URL for your Sequence and make an Asana task for Tangible Words to check it out!

Learn how to make your first Sequence on Hubspot on this video from Alysha