What are HubSpot Snippets & Why Use them

HubSpot Snippets save you crafting the perfect response to common things you need all the time. Here are some ways to use them.

You can use Snippets across your HubSpot Desktop portal, as well as with the HubSpot Chrome Extension in your Gsuite Gmail address.

Snippets are great for:

1) Notes in HubSpot of things you want to remember over and over about Contacts

2) Calls: you can save Google document links, like series of Questions you need to ask on a call; or links to Demo or Concept Decks you might want to suddenly take a caller through, by quickly pulling up these links and questions in a call.

3) Emails: did you say it perfectly last time? Don't go digging for the email - save it as a Snippet that you can reuse that perfect soundbyte over and over again - even in the middle of an existing email thread.

HubSpot Snippets AWESOME for hyperlinks you always need like to your Awards,  or FAQs  , Case Stories - your Help Desk or most popular blog articles. Instead of searching for, and reinserting, the hyperlink, your Snippet is ready to go!

4) Quotes: it's wonderful to be able to pull up ready-to-go approved text when you're using the HubSpot Quotes tool - which already saves you mega time on your proposals.

See an overview of HubSpot Snippets

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