Why Is HubSpot Lifecycle Stage So Important?

HubSpot's lifecycle stages open the door to using the full power of your HubSpot marketing pro licence.

Here's a guide that shows you how to understand Hubspot's lifecycle stages, as well as how to set up your Deal Stages to better fit your sales process.

Lifecycle stage, deal Stage, and many other properties can be tied together and tallied with points in your HubSpot Lead Score.

Tangible Words will work with you to get your Hubspot lead score recipe just right - and we'll tweak the recipe with you on an ongoing basis as new leads come through the door and get your feedback.

Understand that the Hubspot Lifecycle stage property is critical for triggering detailed AI processes, such as email automations, that you get with Hubspot Marketing Pro licence. 

When you want people to receive the right content at the right time, the lifecycle stage property is one of the many data pieces stored in Hubspot to make sure this happens.

It's really important that your sales team updates the lifecycle stage property when they are working a deal. 

Based on how a lead interacts with your website and digital content, Tangible Words will update lifecycle stage property using Automated Workflows during the first half of your sales cycle. But once a Lead reaches SQL (Sales Qualified Lead) your team is in charge of this property.

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