Stop the CASL Double Opt-In Message From Automatically Sending

Use With Hubspot Meeting Links Bookings Hubspot treats the meetings form like all forms, which means the "double opt-in to our marketing emails" email may automatically send. Here is how to turn that automated email off.

Canada's Anti Spam Legislation (CASL) stipulates that marketers must send a "double opt in" email anytime someone fills in a FORM on your website.

But it is not always appropropriate for someone who books a meeting with you to receive the "double opt in email". 

For everybody who sets up their meetings - you can individually turn this off. 
Tangible Words can't turn off this "double opt in" message on your meetings link for you and all your team members because we cannot globally install or manage your meetings link.
NOTE: For anybody who wants to turn off the double opt in email alert on meetings, you need to at least be temporarily granted Super Admin status. Tangible Words can turn that setting on for you.

Steps to turn off the CASL Double Opt In Notification on Hubspot Meetings Links

1) Set up your meetings link.
2) Read these instructions from Hubspot here. In this section you can see the options on GDPR within the meetings settings. There your customer will be able to customize consent messages that are send to their customers.
3) If you can't access the settings, ask Tangible Words to grant you Super Admin access to make the change. If you want, first try the final Workaround option below.
Remember: your meetings link is tied to your user settings, so everyone has to set up their own meeting link. Tell them how to set up meeting links here. Before they can do so, they will want to ensure that everything is set up appropriately by following the article here.  

On other workaround on turning off the CASL email for Meetings Link Submissions:

  • Go to Settings -> Email - > Subscriptions in your portal.
  • Change Enable Options > All pages to Enable Options > Enabled for some pages only and then in the new window Pages select all available pages.
  • As the meetings link is not a page per definition, it is not included in here and will hence be excluded from sending double opt-in emails.