Hubspot's Topic Cluster Tool: How does Tangible Words Boost your SEO with Blogging?

Under the steps behind Tangible Words' blog content creation process and WHY each step is critical to your SEO success.

Blogging is the most powerful way to improve your SEO. Here's how we use Hubspot Marketing Pro tools for you!
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At Tangible Words, we use Hubspot's CMS (Content Management System) in order to create content for your blog. Your blog will live on your website domain and drive traffic to your site and boost your SEO.
We don't use WordPress or other CMS tools to manage your blog because Hubspot's tools are, simply, better. The main reason, as the video below shows, is that a Hubspot Marketing Pro licence includes a Topic Cluster tool that is aligned with Google's Topic Cluster rules.
NB: Although the URL for your Hubspot-created blog will look a little different at the start of the URL your blog will live on your domain. You can tell this because your company domain is still in the URL.

One of our goals at Tangible Words is to get you out of a reactive position to marketing tasks, and to be proactive for you. That means, we're super organized and planning ahead all the time for you.

Tangible Words' SEO Blog Production Process To Drive Traffic To Your Website

1) First we train our team on your brand. Your company is assigned a "pod" of SEO Copywriters, Copyeditors,  Hubspot Technicians, as well as a Graphic Designer, Content Strategist, Project Manager and Account Leader. We'll use the documents we created in your first 3 month "Sprint" with us to train our team.
2) Every 2-3 months we make an Editorial calendar of content. We will use Hubspot's Topic Cluster tool to research topics we should write about, and to connect them to all of the content you have that already exists, in keeping with how Google wants to now index websites.
3) We'll give you the Editorial Calendar of articles we'd like to write for you so that you can make sure we're writing about topics that totally fit with your brand and expertise.
This is the first Q/A check we put on our content creation production system to make sure you'll love our content.

4)  Using SEO principles our copywriting team has been trained on, we'll write the articles. We use a particular template to make sure no SEO information is lost.

5) Our writing team will workshop the content in-house. The Pod Leader & Content Strategist assign the content to your SEO Copywriting team, they edit it together to get the concepts "just right". 

6) The blogs will go to our copyediting team to check for errors.

7) The content will come to your company contact point for approval. Is there any knowledge gaps we have about your brand or industry seen in these blogs? We will need you to tell us.

8) The copywriting pod will make any changes required to the content.

9) The content will go to the Hubspot Technician team who will upload the content, preserving all of the SEO rules built into the template.

10) Your blogs will be published every couple of days, depending on how aggressive you're trying to drive traffic. We recommend a minimum of 8 blogs are published per month to start to see an increase in traffic to your site, creating brand awareness with the Personas Tangible Words is targeting for you.

See this SEO Blogging Process and Hubspot's tool explained in video format here:

Topic Clusters/Ed Cal & Uploading Blog Posts