Lead Score Alerts, New Contact Alerts & Contact Timelines

Why Hubspot is a Game Changer For Your Sales Team Your sales team will get lead score alerts and new contact alerts from Tangible Words. Here's how to make the most of those alerts to better understand and communicate with your prospects.

Lead Scoring: Game Changer Productivity for Sales People

Lead Scoring is a critical tool we use in Hubspot to help your sales team work more efficiently.

See, we believe that people shop on the internet differently than they do in a bricks & mortar world. In the world of the internet, 57% of your prospect's buyer's journey is OVER before they reach out to a sales team to ask for a Demo, or a Price Quote.

Online, your customers communicate interest in your brand, services and products in different ways: they click on your webpages, search for information online, interact with your social media and open your marketing AND sales emails.

To gauge this level of "interest," Hubspot gives us the Lead Scoring tool. The Lead Score is a unique recipe that Tangible Words will set up with your Sales team so that the sales team only will get an alert if the Lead is doing something worthy of the salesperson's time.

Tangible Words' marketing efforts will nurture the prospect for the first 57 points (representing the first 57% of the way through the buyer's journey).

So if you or your sales team gets a Lead Score alert email, that means that a prospect has taken enough actions, or given enough information about themselves, to become important to the salesperson.

The salesperson should take Lead Score alerts very seriously and go into the prospect's Contact Record in Hubspot and review their Timeline of Activity. This will help the salesperson see how they can further help the prospect or customer move through their buyer's journey.

Contact Timeline: Game Changer Data for Sales People

The Contact Timeline in Hubspot is a total game changer. It used to be that people would go to your website and you would have no idea what interested them. That meant that in a connect call or meeting, they had to re-explain where they had been and clarify what they were looking for — and then you had to spend a lot of extra time getting them answers to particular product or service questions.

With Hubspot Marketing Pro, you can see all the emails and web pages (including CTAs and blog posts) they viewed. That means you can both get on the same page faster, and a salesperson can better address a prospects' core questions or curiosities in the sales process.

New Contact Alerts: Lead Generation for Sales Teams

One of Tangible Words' key goals with Lead Generation activities (blog posts, social media posts and conversion points) are to bring you net new Leads. That means leads that are totally new to you.

Of course, we'll also be doing Lead Nurturing activities (Forms, List building, Email Automation) to take care of your existing leads and to track the ROI of each activity.

But for new leads, we'll set up your Hubspot Marketing Pro licence so that any Leads who are totally new to your organization will be assigned a Contact Owner in your organization. We'll also make sure each Contact Owner gets an email every time a new Contact is created and assigned to them.  

YES, we can rotate who the Contact Owner is for new leads so that every rep has a fair chance to get new leads!