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Is Your Contact Hard to Reach? Hubspot's Notifications can Help

Sometimes in sales it's really hard to connect with someone, you aren't even sure if your email is getting through to your prospect, let alone when you can connect. Here's a Hubspot sales starter tool that can help.

Email Notifications are critical to understanding two things:

1) Is your prospect even getting your email? When you check a prospect's Contact Timeline in Hubspot, it's easy to see if your emails are getting opened. If your emails are consistently not being opened, there is a good chance your prospect or customer aren't even seeing your email.

Using this data in Hubspot can help you prioritize getting on the phone and find out if you have the best email address for them, or if there is a better way to communicate.

2) Is your prospect hard to reach? Notifications help you understand when they open their emails so you can reach them when their mind is on you.

See how to set up Email Notifications here from Hubspot: https://knowledge.hubspot.com/articles/kcs_article/email-notifications/view-your-sales-notifications-in-the-activity-feed