Hubspot Workflows: Setting Up Automation to connect with your audience without the cost of human resources every time.

Workflows are critical to using AI to help your professional team work more efficiently and to

Tangible Words will build long term infrastructure for you by building out workflows in your Hubspot Marketing Pro account. So long as you keep your Hubspot Marketing Pro licence, this infrastructure will live on.

The power of this infrastructure is to remove the human resources cost of having to create an email to send it out to multiple lists every month, just to connect to your customer lists.

Even better, automation is set up to connect with your prospect or customer in the way that is more relevant to where they are in their buyer's journey. 

For example, if a contact is working with your sales team, it could be inappropriate for them to receive marketing type messages, that seem to take the relationship "back a step" when they are already further along in understanding your brand. Tangible Words works hard to minimize these "oops" moments for you, and to give the right content to the right customer at the right time.

Watch Vicky explain more about how, and why, we set up workflows to better protect your brand now, and long term, in your customer communications  here on this video about workflows from Tangible Words.