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HubSpot CRM: How HubSpot's Activity Feed Helps Reps Stay Connected to Leads and Customers

Use HubSpot's Activity Feed to get alerts about lead and customer activity so you can stay connected to their priorities.

An amazing tool in HubSpot that will help you better connect with your leads faster is the HubSpot Activity Feed.

HubSpot's Free CRM gives you a certain amount of Activity Feed notices, but if you have HubSpot Sales Pro you can get all the Activities of your CRM contacts and companies in this feed, ranked by most recent.

One example that has helped sales reps close deals faster is to use the Activity Feed to avoid the endless game of phone tag. Using the HubSpot Activity Feed, you can see when your Leads are looking at your email so that you can better connect with them at a time that suits their work schedule.

See what kind of information the HubSpot Activity Feed reveals, and how you can use it to better serve your Leads and Customers, in the video below:

HubSpot Activity Feed Alerts can be seen on your:

1) HubSpot App

2) HubSpot mobile App - super helpful when you're on the road but you want to stay close to your Lead and Customer's activity

3) HubSpot Chrome Extension

Check out this Video