How to use Snippets for more Efficient and Meaningful Tradeshow Follow up

Oftentimes you find yourself explaining the same concept to different people. Use Snippets in Hubspot to grab the same text and hyperlink without digging for that text in a previous email.

Here's a video on how to use the Snippets tool for efficient trade show and conference follow up.

Note that you will need your laptop to use Snippets. Snippets are not available from the Hubspot Mobile App.  BUT you can make a Conversation Template using Snippets before you go to the trade show, helping you write the Conversation Template more quickly. ANd then you from the Hubspot Mobile App, you can email any Contact in your Hubspot CRM the Conversation Template for follow up using these instructions. 


Snippets aren't just handy for building out your emails in a fast, and more meaningful manner. They can also be used when you're making calls in your Hubspot CRM. You can use Snippets in Calls to quickly grab files you want to have handy - like a slideshow, case study, or set of questions that often come up with your prospects and customers.

Check out this Video