How To Create A Webinar Landing Page In Hubspot

You can attract more attendees to your webinar with a good landing page, here's how.

If you're having trouble getting registrations for you webinars, try working on the event's landing page (or start using one if you haven't before). Using HubSpot, you can quickly create an engaging webinar landing page, with a sign-up form, without the help of a web developer.

Before you build you webinar landing page in HubSpot, take some time to plan the content.

Pinpoint the reasons why potential participants would want to sign up. Is helpful content, does it answer a frequently asked question, can it solve a problem they have right now? You want to appeal to your target audience and let them know what your webinar offers for them.

On the technical side, you'll need an effective form to collect contact information so you can provide more helpful content and nurture new leads. Decide how much information you want to collect from the form. If it's aimed a new leads, name and email might be enough for you to start a relationship, or if your offerings are wide ranging you might want to know job titles, company size and location to better gauge lead quality expectations. 

Here are the steps to get your webinar landing page up and running. In HubSpot:

  1. Click on the Marketing dropdown menu in the top navigation bar
  2. Click on Website
  3. Click on Landing Pages
  4. Then click on the orange Create button on the top right side of the screen
  5. Select a template for your landing page. Make sure the template contains a form and content section. (There are many styles to choose from here and you can find even more in the HubSpot Marketplace). 
  6. Name your page (Pro tip: add LP to the name to distinguish it from other page types in your list) and click create.

Now you can start to edit your page, adding copy, imagery, branding, and customizing your registration form. Make sure to:

  1. Add compelling content (headlines and body) to encourage participation,
  2. Keep your layout on brand with your other pages,
  3. Use secondary content to add a link to other helpful information that supports the theme of the webinar.

When building your form, it's important to strike a balance between collecting useful information  and making it easy to fill out. 

Follow this HubSpot knowledge base article for detailed instructions on how to to create your form for registration. 

Creating  a webinar landing page in HubSpot means you can:

  • Get notifications when someone has filled out the form and send an automated follow-up email to help start a relationship;
  • Use the SEO tool to review keyword recommendations so you know your content is hitting your target audience;
  • Use the link to share the page seamlessly through different blogs, on your social media channels, and in emails.