Hubspot Meeting Links: How do I set up my Sales Pro Meeting Link?

Because your Meeting link is individually connected to your personal calendar, Tangible Words cannot connect your Meetings Link for you. Here are the instructions to send to each member of your Sales Team.

The Hubspot Meetings Link is great: it's another way to save time in sales administrative tasks. (No one loves the back and forth emails trying to find a time to talk. And the Doodle Poll is often more hassle than help.)

Instead, you can help your prospects and customers connect with you faster by using the Hubspot Meetings Link available in Hubspot Sales licences.

Here are all the instructions you need to set up your Meetings link from Hubspot.

FAQs about setting up your Meetings link 

  1. You can block off times and days on your Meetings link. So if you want to reserve some time for "phone/meeting" time, and other times, no problem.
  2. You can also put in buffers between appointments so that you're not running from one meeting to the next without time for travel or follow up.
  3. You can set the length of meeting time. So if you want to only allow 15 minute meetings to be booked - or a selection of meetings length to be offered - both are possible.
  4. Calendar invitations are automatically sent to both you and the person booking, so you won't have to worry about missing an event. The alerts are solid.