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How To Change The Fields I Want to See in Hubspot

If you want to change the fields you see in Hubspot, you can change them globally (aka for your whole team) or just for you.

How to customize "About" properties for the entire team:
  • Go to Settings, then Contacts & Companies
  • You'll see:
    • "Set the properties your team sees on contact records", click on Manage and add/remove any of the properties.
    • "Set the properties all users in your account see when creating contacts", click on Manage and add/remove any properties when creating a new contact.

** You can do the same for Companies on this page!**


How to customize "About" properties in your own CRM:
If you click on one of the contacts and look at the left. Scroll down to "View all Properties". And then click on Set Default Properties".
Choose the properties you want to add in. For example, you might add in:
Hubspot Score
Contact Owner
Recent Conversion
Lifecycle Stage
Lead Status
You can add any other properties that you find interesting and want to keep track of right on the first screen.