Campaigns Tool: See Which Content Brought In Customers

The campaigns tool in your HubSpot marketing pro licence allows Tangible Words to track every single piece of content and document how content helped close deals in your HubSpot CRM.

If you're wondering which content has been most influential to your revenue this year, there's an easy way to check in your Hubspot account. It's called the Campaigns tool.

Like Topic Clusters, this is another Hubspot Marketing Pro tool that Tangible Words uses in our content planning.

Our goal is always to help you make money from net new contacts, who we bring to your site with CTAs, or Conversion Points, and to help your existing contacts feel more comfortable to make a buying decision with you. The success of those efforts are individually tracked in Campaign Tools and shared with you every month to demonstrate the impact your investment with Tangible Words is having on your revenue growth.

In this video, Vicky shows you how to interact with the Campaigns Tool, and also how we use the information to content plan, leverage your assets, give you Return on Investment (ROI), and to measure and improve.


Check out this video by Vicky to explain how the Campaigns Tool works and how you can use it to see a Return on Investment of inbound marketing with Tangible Words.